Only True Fans Can Ace This Hardcore Friends Quiz

Only True Fans Can Ace This Hardcore Friends Quiz

hardcore friends quiz

Hardcore Friends Quiz 

Friends is one of the most popular comedy TV shows in U.S. history. It has been almost 15 years since the last episode came out but we still do not seem to get enough of Friends. Whenever we find some time off our busy routines or are having a bad day, Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, and Joey are a click away to make our mood a whole lot better. 

This award-winning American television series has a total of 10 seasons and each season comes with a lot of laughter, fun, and splendid jokes. There have been several changes in the script and title of the series and that’s how the audience got to see the best on their television screens. 

As it comes to the element of friendship, Friends is an epitome of sticking together, no matter the differences among each other. It features six friends in their 20s and 30s living in Manhattan, New York City. They do not only live and laugh together but solve differences and problems together too. Well, that’s definitely what is missing in the friendship as social media has taken over the lives and minds of our teens and young adults. 

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Each of its seasons has made it to the top 10 television season ratings and the 8th season finally acquired the top position. Over the world, Friends has largely inspired almost everything including hairstyles, vocabulary, sarcasm, coffee house imitations, props, notebooks, pets and whatnot. All around the world, there are several Friends themed cafes and coffee shops where fans love to spend their time and talk about nothing but Friends – their favorite character, favorite episode, favorite season, and favorite couple. When it comes to Friends, there’s a never-ending list of things to talk about – Phoebe’s pink bicycle, the popular orange sofa, Ross’s Marcel, the purple apartment door, Phoebe’s smelly cat song that she loves to sing, Monica’s clean attitude, the purple door, Joey never sharing his food and his phrase how you doin’? 

Not only this but there are several other movies and TV shows that are inspired by Friends. A few examples include How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and Happy Endings

Haha, yes we are a big fan of Friends and love hardcore Friends quiz. Do you? A number of trivia and quizzes take place on the internet every day for the true fans of Friends. Taking quizzes help you judge your very own knowledge about your favorite TV show. Also, it allows you to learn a lot more about your favorite characters and the series, overall. Small-scale quizzes are no less than a teacher as they make you capable of entering prize-winning trivia. The more you test your knowledge, the more you improve it. Thus, higher chances of winning! 

Here, we have the most interesting Friends quiz to know if you really are a fan of friends. So, are you ready for this hardcore Friends quiz?

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