Only HardCore Fans Can Get 100% On This Stranger Things Superfan Quiz

Only HardCore Fans Can Get 100% On This Stranger Things Superfan Quiz

stranger things quiz

Stranger Things Superfan Quiz

Stranger Things, the original Netflix series, is the right depiction of the Cold War conspiracies, secret government experiments, and racial hatred. It is an American science fiction and horror series set in the early 1980s. It features the fictional town of Hawkins in Indiana that has a Hawkins National Laboratory conducting scientific research and experiments for the United States Department of Energy. 

The little kids, Will, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas and a psychokinetic girl Eleven, are the central characters along with police chief Jim Hopper and Will’s mother Joyce. The first season began in 1983 with the abduction of Will Byers by a supernatural creature from the Upside Down. While Hopper and Joyce are finding Will, Eleven manages to escape from the Hawkins National Laboratory and assists Will’s friends in finding him. Together, they find out some horrible realities of the world and struggle to save their friends Will. 

The second season came out a year later in 1984. Will is finally rescued however, a few know the actual details of the horrors surrounding Hawkins. As the season progresses, Will seems to be still influenced and internally captured by the creatures from the Upside Down. His friends and family understand that there is a big threat to their universe from the Upside Down, another dimension that no one would be willing to comprehend in the town. 

Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Eleven grow close together however, Lucas has some differences with Eleven while Mike and Eleven are getting into a personal relationship. Somehow, they manage to strive together for Will and save their town from the grave threats. 

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The third season came out in 1985 and features the Starcourt Mall, the new center of attraction in Hawkins. While Hawkins’ residents are enjoying and shopping in the Starcourt, they are unaware of the horrors surrounding them. In this season, Eleven has been adopted by Hopper and he is increasingly concerned about her relationship with Mike. Turns out, he is trying to save Eleven from the outer world as he could not save his own daughter from cancer. 

This season also features a caring relationship growing between Hopper and Joyce. Well, we always wanted that, didn’t we? Unfortunately, the end of the season leaves us waiting to find out if Hopper and Joyce come together in the end. 

The major plot chronicles a secret Soviet laboratory under the Starcourt Mall and not a single person in the town knows about it. However, the Soviets opened the gateway to the Upside Down world releasing creatures who possess the people of Hawkins and are building an army. The final confrontation of Will Byers, his friends, and the Upside Down entities takes place at the end of Season 3. Will Byers and his family leave the town for good. 

The story does not end here though. The first episode of Season 4 is already aired and leaves Stranger Things superfans wondering what is to happen next. Here, we have an amazing Stranger Things superfans quiz to find out how much you are craving for season 4!