Not Even True Fans Can Ace This Game Of Thrones Quiz

Not Even True Fans Can Ace This Game Of Thrones Quiz

game of thrones quiz

Game of Thrones that got originally aired on HBO is a fantasy drama, the show was created by David Benioff and Daniel Brett Weiss, the show is an adaptation of George Raymond Richard Martin’s “A song of fire and ice” series of novels. It is mostly filmed and produced in Belfast with the majority of the remaining filming done in the rest of the United Kingdom. Filming has also been done in countries such as Croatia, Iceland, and Canada.

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The show was first shown/premiered in the United States in 2011 (April) and was finally ended on May 19, 2019, with a total of 8 seasons and 73 episodes. Game of Thrones is set on a fictional setting on the Westeros and Essos continents. The show contains a few arcs one being about the Iron Throne and other being about The Seven Kingdoms. The show has acquired a record number of national and international fans, the finale of the show reached a record 19.3 million viewers across all of HBO's platforms.

Across the six seasons of Game Of Thrones, the show used seven writers. However, the series creators David Benioff and D. B Weiss write most of the episodes each season. Much of the time characters are assigned to certain writers, for example, Arya was assigned to a writer by the name of Cogman for the fourth season. This allows the writers to spend weeks outlining the character, they include things such as material from the books to include and the overarching themes to use.

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