Only True Geniuses Can Score 100% In This Arizona Quiz

Only True Geniuses Can Score 100% In This Arizona Trivia Quiz

arizona quiz

Arizona Quiz

Do you have in depth knowledge about Arizona? Arizona became the 48th state and the last contiguous state to be admitted in the union, accomplishing independence on February 14th, 1912. However, the question still standing is how much do you know about Arizona? What makes Arizona state more interesting? If you are a true legend of America, you must know Arizona's history, take this Arizona quiz to test your knowledge and see whether you are a true patriot or not. Although, remember, acing this Arizona quiz is difficult even for the individuals living there, but if you have the courage and knowledge to score 100% then this quiz is for you.

Some facts about Arizona:

President William Howard Taft was about to declare Arizona a state on February 12th, 1912; since it was Lincoln's birthday, they procrastinated it to the next day. But the 13th date was considered bad luck, so they had to wait until the next morning. 
Arizona was among the last of the contiguous states and the 48th state to the union on February 14th, 1912. (Remember Hawaii and Alaska were admitted several years later in 1959) 
Arizona was under the territory of New Mexico, but on February 24th, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Arizona organic act documents, making Arizona a separate territory. 
The Burgundian and Castilian flags of Spain, the confederate flag, the Mexican flag, and the united states flag have all flying around Arizona's land. 
In the mountain time zone, the phoenix is the largest city as well as the capital of Arizona. 
Do you know daylight saving time is not measured in Arizona (Except Navajo nation)? Because the sun stays out for a more extended period in summer times. 
Arizona is the 16th largest state in terms of population while the 6th largest state according to land area. 

This Arizona quiz is not only for those living in Arizona or even in the United States but can be taken by everyone and anyone. While living in Arizona will have its advantages, it does definitely not mean others can not ace the quiz. If you believe that you know enough facts and information about Arizona, try out this Arizona trivia quiz and test your knowledge about this 6th largest American state.